Beautiful Wedding Bouquets

Inspired by the Spring flowers I see popping up everywhere, I thought I would post a collection of beautiful wedding bouquets. I’ve had the pleasure of photographing bouquets of all shapes, sizes and colours. I’m always amazed at what the talented florists come up with. Flowers have a way of bringing back memories and teleporting us to different lands or times in our history. The scent of many flowers remind me of my parents’ kitchen since my mom always has blooms beautifully arranged on the edge of the counter, often from her own garden. I can’t smell sweet peas or lilacs without going back to my childhood.

When choosing your wedding bouquet there are some important things to consider. If you are getting married in a hot climate or in the warmest part of summer perhaps you should ask for advice on what flowers will do well in the heat. But ultimately the choice of your bouquet is such a personal thing. Are you going to go for brightly coloured blooms or soft romantic hues? Do you want a loose hand tied bouquet with lots of foliage or a neat and tidy bundle? I once had a bride tell me she specifically planned her wedding in June to have glorious peonies grace her bouquet. Whatever your choice, make sure to get a few good pictures of your blooms so you can enjoy it for years to come!

beautiful wedding bouquets

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