In June, my husband Mike, our friend Cam and I traveled to Malta. We had 4 days to fill in Europe between places we needed to be. I admit, Malta was not even on my radar. Cam, having lived in London for over a decade and bitten extensively by the travel bug, has been to every country in Europe save for 3. Mike and I were totally open as to where we went and were happy to help Cam tick off another new place. So, off we went to Malta.

The country of Malta is made up of 3 islands, Malta, the largest, followed by Gozo and Comino. Over the 4 days we explored all 3. I wish we had just a few more days. I think a week would be perfect.

Malta completely impressed us. It is both geographically and architecturally beautiful. We stayed in Valletta, the capital city, in a really lovely 2 bedroom condo we found on Airbnb. Below is a view from our balcony. We spent lots of time exploring its maze of tiny streets and alley ways, many not much wider than your outstretched arms. If you’re a fan of Game Of Thrones the streets of Valletta and many other places in Malta may feel familiar as much of Season One was filmed there. The characteristic Maltese balconies are everywhere and often brightly painted. The food was great and the people were so kind.

I high recommend renting a car. The island of Malta is not large and you get get pretty much anywhere in 45 minutes, unless of course you have navigational issues. Even with GPS getting through the labyrinth of streets can often be quite the adventure!MaltaView full post »

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Punto de Vista Wedding Costa Rica

Punto de Vista Wedding Photographer

Julia & Dom’s Punto de Vista Wedding in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica is a pretty special wedding for me to share. Julia & I met through a mutual friend one evening. When we realized that she was getting married in the same little town in Costa Rica where I got married we thought it was a fun coincidence. When we realized it was at the exact same villa we couldn’t believe it! The stars only further aligned when she told me they were using the same incredible wedding planners, Tropical Occasions. I was so excited for her to have what I knew would be an amazing experience. So naturally, my next question was “do you have a wedding photographer yet?”. The the answer was “no!” and the rest is history. Since then I’ve gotten to know Julia & Dom for the incredible people they are. They have a special light about them that all can see. View full post »

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