Canoe Restaurant Wedding Toronto

Queens Quay wedding

Ellise & Dave’s Canoe Restaurant wedding is one I won’t soon forget. When we were taking pictures down by the waterfront we encountered the friendliest Seagulls. These birds seemed to love the camera and provided many top-notch photobombs. I do love a good bird-bomb.

Once we were done playing with the birds we headed up 54 stories to Canoe for their intimate ceremony and private dinner. The great food and stunning views were enjoyed by all. The bride’s mom even made the gorgeous, and delicious, wedding cake. Such a special day! View full post »

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Camp Timberlane Wedding

Camp Timberlane WeddingDid you love summer camp as a kid? Or perhaps you always wanted to go but never had a chance? Or maybe you just love the outdoors? If you answered yes to any of these questions then a unique wedding venue like Camp Timberlane might just be for you!

The weather the day before K&M’s Camp Timberlane wedding was glorious complete with a stunning sunset. However, as the morning rolled on the rain clouds rolled in. Despite the weather being slightly less than ideal the wedding guests took up their rolls as summer campers and spent the morning stand up paddle boarding, kayaking, and playing on the ginormous inflatables. The bride even dared the chilly waters for a pre-wedding swim.

After the couple traded in their swimsuits for something slightly more formal and we spent some time exploring the cozy nooks and crannies of the property. Once pictures were done we went to join their guests for a love-filled ceremony followed by dinner and an awesome dance party. View full post »

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Fotograf Nunta - Amazing pictures! I love the way you capture the images! It is so inspiring for me! Thank you for sharing!March 7, 2018 – 6:06 am

K&M - Once again love our photos and really appreciated your help and advice. Enjoyed every moment captured whenever we look over these.March 21, 2018 – 9:57 pm

Toronto Hunt Club Wedding

Toronto Hunt Club WeddingErin & Joel were married on a lovely August day. The perfect kind of summer’s evening that we all long for around this time of year. There is something about this venue that even though it’s not far from downtown makes you feel like you are miles away. Their Toronto Hunt Club wedding felt like a mini cottage escape. Huge trees, puffy clouds and uninterrupted horizon for miles can’t help but recharge your soul. Add in your favourite people in the world and you have the recipe for a perfect day. View full post »

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Innenaufnahmen Wien - I will follow your Blog, they are very good photographs and good picturesJanuary 29, 2018 – 8:44 am

Aurora Explorer

Exactly a year ago now my dad and I went on a cruise. But this was no ordinary cruise. We spent 5 days and 5 nights on the MV Aurora Explorer, a 135′ steel landing craft. The Aurora Explorer is an active working vessel that takes 12 passengers per trip as it makes deliveries and pickups throughout the Broughton Archipelago along the west coast of Canada. We started our journey just north of Campbell River and headed north through Johnstone Straight, between Vancouver Island and the mainland. We delivered building supplies, fuel, food, beer, lots more beer, and machinery. We were way off the beaten path. This boat services areas that are not accessible by road and the majority of our days were spent sailing past wilderness without any sign of humans. We made stops at fish farms, logging camps, private vacation properties, and secluded towns. The Aurora Explorer is a working freight boat so when the crew were making deliveries we had to stay out of their way but at other times we had free rein of the ship.

Aurora Explorer

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Brian Ballard - A very special time for both of us….DadAugust 21, 2017 – 3:41 pm

Ruth - Love your photos……looks fantastic.October 4, 2017 – 11:17 pm